Sleepover Essentials – Goodies for a girly night in

sleepover essentialsI recently got involved with the Sleepover Essentials project from Time4Sleep and was sent this fab box of sleepover goodies, perfect for a girls night in. I haven’t had a sleepover in years if I’m honest but me and the girls are thinking of having a small getaway this summer so these items will be perfect!

Sleepover Essentials : #1 – Face Masks

I love the nostalgia with face masks, every sleep over when I was younger had to involve face masks. I still use face masks very often, usually once a week to help clear and hydrate my skin. I love lush face masks, blackhead killer masks and often make my own but I love trying out new products and I am really excited to try out these. I recently feel in love with some Korean face masks as they were so easy to clean up, really hydrating and smelt amazing.

The face masks in this set are from Superdrug and I cannot wait to try them out. I think that I will definitely be trying out first the Chocolate Orange Self heating mask, everything about it sounds fantastic, purifying, hydrating, self heating and chocolate orange! I think I will have to stock up on the Superdrug face mask range with all different exfoliating, cooling and self heating masks, currently 3 for 2.

sleepover essentials

Sleepover Essentials : #2 – (Tacky) DVD’s

At sleepovers you always watch those DVD’s that you hate to love. Recent nights in with the girls have included When Harry Met Sally, Bridesmaids, Magic Mike and Thelma and Louise. You can’t go wrong. Even though I’ve seen all the films in this box set it is a perfect combo for a girls night in. This set has 6 DVD’s in one with 50 First Dates, Along Came Polly, The Break-Up, Hitch, The Holiday and My Best Friend’S Wedding so it’s a good price for 6 dvd’s and perfect for having a bit of a chat and giggle through.

sleepover essentials

Sleepover Essentials : #3 – Cosy PJ’s

Having cosy PJ’s and slippers are my third sleepover essentials. I always go really oversized when it comes to pyjamas, don’t know if anyone else does that? I also really like having slippers on when staying in someone else’s home or whilst on holiday. Pink isn’t normally my colour but these are good summer slippers that can be found in a range of colours here. You can also pick up these quirky and a little bonkers zebra wearing wellie boots pj’s here.

sleepover essentials

Sleepover Essentials : #4 – Snacks

Snacks! The most crucial element of a girly sleepover?

sleepover essentials

What are your sleepover essentials?


  1. Justina Spencer
    2014/07/11 / 16:15

    nail polish!

  2. Grace Denny
    2014/07/11 / 17:19

    I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING!! haha. As much chocolate and sweets as you can physical intake is always a good thing. :P

    XO, G from grace’d

  3. Jade Morriss
    2014/07/11 / 20:12

    Ah, this post brings me back!
    Bits & Bobs

  4. DeAsia Nichelle
    2014/07/11 / 20:26

    I love this post! I need to have more girly sleepovers. You also need nail polish for semi awesome looking manicures.

  5. anya
    2014/07/11 / 22:00

    This is such a great idea and that hamper looks perfect. Some of the films on there are so good too, definitely a perfect choice. Thank you for sharing such a brilliant refreshing new post! x

  6. 2014/07/12 / 16:23

    I haven’t had a girly sleepover in ages! It sounds like you’re going to have a great night :) xx

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