Celebrity Looks & How To Steal Their Style For Less #1

style for less

Celebrity Looks & How To Steal Their Style For Less

Welcome to the first of my new weekly posts. I will be looking at my favourite outfits from celebrities in the news in the past week or so. These posts will go on to show you how to get that style for less by getting cheaper dupes from the high-street and online shops. I did these types of posts a while back, but I want to make it a more regular feature. If you have any ideas or suggestions for next week let me know in the comments below, or any suggestions for improving these posts.

style for less
Taylor Swift

This was one of my favourite outfits I found when researching for this post. Taylor swift was seen out and about in New York rocking this super cute look last monday. As you all know I love floral dresses at the best of times. But everything about this outfit rocks from the bright red lipstick that  complements the outfit,to the matching green handbag and shoes. Below I have tried to get as close to the look as possible, without breaking the bank! Let me know what you think, or if you have any other dresses that might be a closer match!

style for less

Emma Watson

Emma Watson was seen in this getup at the Tribeca film festival 2 weeks ago but I think it would be a great summer evening outfit. With this dress dupe I have linked to two possible outfit alternatives as the skirt and top were quite a hard one to locate and I couldn’t settle between the two I found. So I thought it would let you guys decide. This outfit has demonstrated what I have said previously in my posts on pastels and pinks. Let me know in the comments below if you found a closer match or which of the two options you like the most.

Thanks for reading this weeks Celebrity Looks, Let me know who you think had a better outfit, and if you managed to get their style for less by finding them on eBay or high-street shops! I look forward to reading your thoughts.