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sugarhill boutique picture perfect


Sugarhill Boutique Picture Perfect Dress

Sugarhill Boutique is one of my favourite brands for pretty, flattering dresses, I came across it initially years ago because it was stocked at Ark.They sold gorgeous embroidered dresses with cut out embellishment, their look was so unique and well thought out I quickly built up a little collection of their beautiful dresses! It was actually featured in one of my first OOTD posts. The Sugarhill Boutique is family run in Brighton and has grown massively since its establishment in 2006. If you like one off designs and quirky print fabric then this is one store for you. They use exclusively designed prints and aim to create flattering, easy to wear pieces that have pretty detailing to create one off pieces to stand out from the crowd.

I was recently sent their Picture Perfect Dress that features their own handdrawn camera print fabric. The dress has an underskirt and cut out detail at the back to add a little extra. Fortunately the cut out sections are designed to still hide a conventional bra, it can be so frustrating when it hasn’t been considered in a design. I don’t have much blue in my wardrobe but I should wear it more, if you prefer the dress is also available in a beautiful fresh, mint green shade.

The belt did not come with the dress but I think makes the dress look a lot better for emphasising my waist and breaking up the blue. I worn it with a casual cardigan as a day dress but I could easily wear it on an evening teamed with a collar necklace, blazer and heels. It is quite short, I wish it was longer, but overall a really lovely dress, well made and a beautiful fit. I am a sucker for hand drawn, quirky print dresses!

Sugarhill Boutique Picture Perfect Dress – Blue*

 sugarhill boutique camera dress


  1. 2014/03/27 / 13:49

    Such a pretty look, I love the cardi :)
    Ri x

    2014/03/27 / 16:41

    Wow that outfit looks AMAZING on you! You’re so so SO beautiful xx

  3. 2014/03/27 / 17:05

    I love that dress, it’s so cute!

  4. Sally
    2014/03/27 / 21:46

    I love the outfit!x

  5. 2014/03/27 / 22:28

    I love the dress but I ADORE the sweater! ugh xoxo

  6. Yours Truly, Freckle Face
    2014/03/28 / 14:25

    I love Sugarhill Boutique :) Your outfit is adorable!

  7. Juliet M
    2014/03/28 / 14:52

    You look stunning! :) x

  8. crystal Ross
    2014/03/28 / 15:27

    I love your hair color! Gorgeous!

  9. Madi Irenee
    2014/03/29 / 09:54


  10. Emma W
    2014/03/30 / 19:08

    This dress is picture perfect ;) The belt was definitely a great touch :)

  11. 2014/03/30 / 19:58

    This is so cute!

  12. Rae Hannah
    2014/03/31 / 06:06

    I love the dress, the print is amazing…and paired with the cardigan and the boots it all looks wonderful, I’m in love!

  13. Olivia Amanda Sito
    2014/03/31 / 18:14

    Love your sweater <3, seems comfy as well…

  14. Guest
    2014/03/31 / 18:09

    love the sweater <3. so cute and seems comfy…

  15. Chelsea
    2014/04/01 / 02:54

    It’s such a cute dress!
    I never heard of that boutique, but I love to check it out!
    Love your style :)

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