Yves Rocher – Grand Rouge and Sexy Pulp

yves rocheryves rocher lipstickYves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara*

Yves Rocher Grand rouge lip stick*

Yves Rocher – Grand Rouge

Baobella Boutique recently sent me the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara and Grand Rouge lip stick to sample and share with you. As you can see the lipstick is a very bright and vibrant pillar box red, perfect for summer. It was lovely to apply, very moisturising and smooth and has a very sweet smell like cherry which I loved. I really like the shade and found it brightened my skin and complexion rather than making me look pale or washed out which I was worried about. I really liked this lipstick in every aspect except for its staying power. It is advertised as long-lasting, averaging 4 hours but after sipping one drink it looked like lip liner and the lipstick on my inner lips was completely washed away and had to be re applied. It’s quite a smudgy lipstick, not great for a shade so daring so I think I’ll need to get some more Lipcote for when I wear this lipstick out again.

yves rocher red lipsyves rocher sexy pulp

Yves Rocher – Sexy Pulp

The Sexy Pulp mascara was fantastic at boosting my lash volume, having such dense bristles on the brush it picked up and applied mascara to every lash. I’ve strayed away for bristle brush mascaras over preference to the plastic comb applicators, purely because they reduce clumping. Even though this mascara has a bristle brush applicator I didn’t find it to clump at all, it gave my eyelashes volume but left the lashes looking clean and separated. My eyelashes weren’t heavy, the curve in the applicator brush accented my outer lashes and the mascara lasted well the entire day. I wouldn’t be scared wearing this on a night out and it will be my go to mascara in the future.

Have you tried Yves Rocher?

yves rocher makeupyves rocher red lipstick


  1. Little Miss Awkward
    2014/03/26 / 09:07

    As a lipstick enthusiast, this is one of my essential lipsticks in my makeup bag. It’s sexy, classy, and gives you a mature, yet sensual look. A must have for all girls. Dulled down and worn right, it can be pulled off as part of your everyday makeup.
    You look gorgeous with that lipstick.

    Little Miss Awkward xx

  2. 2014/03/26 / 08:49

    That is the perfect shade of red for you! It really suits your complexion and hair colour. I used to wear red lipstick a lot in my 20’s, but I haven’t found a shade that suits me in my 30’s. I now wear coral or hot pink.

  3. 2014/03/26 / 08:57

    I love that red! It’s so vivid and bright, perfect for transitioning into spring!


  4. 2014/03/26 / 10:11

    I used to use Yves Rocher products a lot years back and then sort of just stopped but recently started using them again, really pleased with them! This colour looks really nice on you!

  5. Jessica Whitbread
    2014/03/26 / 10:21

    I’d never heard of this brand before but the lipstick looks beautiful!


  6. 2014/03/26 / 10:57

    Lipcote is my lifesaver for lipstick, I just dislike how uncomfortable it is waiting for it to dry. Not sure if that tingling feeling is really a good thing.


  7. 2014/03/26 / 11:01

    Beautiful color!!

  8. 2014/03/26 / 11:49

    Ooh this lipstick looks gorgeous on you. I’ve tried the sexy pulp before quite some time ago, I think I got it in a beauty box and I really liked it, I think I’m going to have to look into the brand a bit more xx


  9. J o d i i e L e e 。
    2014/03/26 / 13:36

    That colour looks great on you, so pretty!! (:


  10. Margot
    2014/03/26 / 13:10

    Nice brand! I use their shower gels all the time.

  11. Sayurae x
    2014/03/26 / 15:14

    Lipcote is my lifesaver! You have the perfect lips for lipstick, you’re so lucky! Mine look chubby crap >.<

  12. 2014/03/26 / 15:43

    Oh good Lord, that lipstick looks magnificent! A true, deep red. Lovely.

  13. Gabrielle
    2014/03/26 / 20:11

    It was so brave of you to try such a bold shade – it’s totally worked though! I still can’t pluck up the courage to attempt to pull off red lipstick haha!



  14. mills charm
    2014/03/27 / 09:53

    Looks great shame about it wearing off! You look lovely xx

  15. Juliet M
    2014/03/27 / 08:56

    I think you look absolutely stunning. And I actually fell in love with that lipstick, it looks like the perfect charming shade of red and has a lovely texture! xx

  16. Kerry
    2014/03/27 / 14:13

    The lipstick looks gorgeous on you! Such a glossy shade!


  17. kadinkutusu / femmebox
    2014/04/02 / 10:36

    Hi, i sometimes use yves rocher products, too. However i’m very very pleased with the lipsticks, i didn’ t like the mascara and won’ t buy again. My eyelashes stick to eachother… but they suits on you so nice.

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