The Heat is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Hot weather isn’t usually something that we need to contend with here in the UK, but this might be one of those rare years where we actually get a summer that doesn’t make us look to other destinations with a jealous eye. That’s right, if the weather boffins are to be believed (and why not? They’re usually right when it comes to rain), then we might be in line to have a few months of extra-warm weather. While you’ll be prepping your body for the sunshine, take some time to get your home ready for the heat, too, by taking our advice below.

The Heat is Coming: Is Your Home Ready? 5

Switch Out the Decor

There’s nearly always scope to have a cosy home when you’re in the UK, even throughout the summer. But if the warm weather really is on its way, then your home might seem a little out of sorts if it’s still filled with candles, dark blankets and pillows, and atmospheric lighting. You can make your decor more seasonally appropriate by changing your dark pillow for light ones (light yellow, sky blue, etc.), and by replacing those candles with flowers. And put those dark blankets into storage for a while – you’re not going to need them for a few months!

The Heat is Coming: Is Your Home Ready? 6

Limiting the Sunlight

During summer, the key is to ensure that you can enjoy the heat in your garden, but keep the inside of your home cool. To do this, you’ll need to limit the amount of sunlight that can enter your home, which will prevent your rooms from becoming too stuffy. Look at installing aluminium venetian blinds in your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, and you’ll be able to block out those warm sunny rays with ease, and you’ll be boosting the decor of your home at the same time, too. With a cool interior, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of your garden even more. And talking of which….

In the Garden

OK, let’s be honest: most of our homes don’t really have a garden appropriate garden. Why would they? We don’t normally have much of a summer worth shouting about! But not this year. Take some time getting your garden into shape, and you’ll be able to spend many a day and evening unwinding and relaxing in style. Start by getting the grass in shape, then add some colourful flowers to the edge. After that, it’s all about those relaxing chairs, a big table, and a BBQ!

Get Things Clean

Your house is going to be treated to some serious levels of light, the likes of which it hasn’t seen since, well, last summer! So it’s time to get out the pan and brush and give your home a thorough detox. While you’re cleaning around the place, take a look at spaces where you can “bring the outdoors in” by placing plants, seashells, and flowers. From top to bottom, your home will feel like the perfect place to enjoy all that’s great about the warm summer season to the max.




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