Tips to Prepare for your Spanish Road Trip

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If Spain isn’t at the top of your travel bucket list, it should be. For 75 million people worldwide, it’s the number one destination to visit. This beautiful country has everything you could want from a vacation: beaches, culture, history, and amazing food. Not to mention the accommodating and friendly people. And, it’s perfect for road trip holidays. When you plan a vacation, there are some things you have to address before you go. Spain has its own unique tips and tricks to make this the best road trip ever.

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Practice the Language

You may think that English is spoken in all Westernized countries. However, 60 percent of Spanish people can’t read, write, or understand English. In fact, many of them don’t even speak Spanish. Spain has many different regions with different primary languages, like Catalan or Galician. Before you go, you should learn a few key phrases in the languages of each region you’ll be driving through.

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Make Sure You’re Covered

When you’re planning an awesome vacation, it can be a big downer to worry about things going wrong. In fact, 25% of Brits don’t buy travel insurance. Unfortunately, many of these people regret that choice. You can’t protect yourself from lost baggage issues, missed flights, or cancellations if you’re not insured. Look into the best medical coverage for your trip, as well as financial coverage for your vehicle. And, if you’ll be road tripping, learn about the road conditions to avoid any car trouble during your vacation. Although the big cities in Spain have fully paved and maintained roads, the rural areas and islands may not. Make sure the vehicle you’re driving is capable of taking you through rough terrain and is fully insured.

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Plan Around Events

Spain is one of the most exciting countries for festivals, parties, and events. There’s a reason they take a siesta in the afternoon- the nights are jam-packed! When choosing the dates you want to travel, check out the different festivals happening during that time. Decide how long it’ll take to drive from one festival to another and cram in as many events as you can. Some of the most exciting and popular festivals to plan around are La Tomatina, La Fallas of Valencia, and Saint John’s Eve.

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Road trips through Spain make some of the best vacations. You get to cruise through beautiful landscapes and scenery, and enjoy the best paella in the world. Although the people may not speak English, becoming immersed in their culture is half the fun. Always make sure you’re fully insured, and do your research on upcoming festivals. Whether you drive North to South or East to West, a road trip through Spain is always a good idea.

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