Undercover Colors Anti-rape Nail Polish

Undercover Colors Anti-rape Nail Polish

Undercover Colors, an all male 4 US student team, have invented a nail polish that can detect the presence of date rape drugs in a drink. This nail polish has been described as a discreet rape and sexual assault preventative, stir the drink with your finger and if it contains date rape drugs then the nail polish will change colour.

Undercover Colors Anti-rape Nail Polish

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Many article and opinions I have read about this development and research is about its avoidance of the issue, stopping sexual assaults not just individual attacks and the risk that remains of being a female in public. This invention may curb one attack but it won’t stop rape.

That being said personally I am in favour of this product. This product shouldn’t need to exist at all but in today’s society most know of the risk of a tampered drink.

Undercover Colors Anti-rape Nail Polish

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Many of my friends, both male and female have had drinks spiked, for me this isn’t solely an issue for women. This fortunately didn’t lead to any sexual assaults, whether people found it funny to put something in peoples drinks I don’t know, but all have been OK after a hospital visit. Spiked drinks can be a worry for a lot of people, they are a concern for me on an evening out, making sure to watch drinks at all times.

Undercover Colors Anti-rape Nail Polish

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That is where I feel this nail polish may work, to ease concerns and worries and act as a possible preventative effort. Manicures are a regular necessity on a night out and to easily integrating this, I can imagine, will prove popular.

I would love to know your thoughts on this invention, do you think you would use it and that it would be an effective preventative? Do you this that it is a woman empowering safety device or could it be another preventative tip aimed at what women do or wear ultimately leading to victim blaming?



  1. 2014/08/28 / 11:57

    I am very much in favour of this product. I’ve been spiked before and it was very scary and frightening. Luckily nothing happened, but I’d definitely use this so it can never happen again. AND it’s so discrete! :) x

  2. 2014/08/28 / 12:48

    I think this is a great invention. If it helps girls feel safer then it is all the better. x

  3. Andrea Thompson
    2014/08/28 / 15:32

    As a mother if a teenage girl who will no doubt soon be going in pubs and clubs I think for the most part this is a good idea and provides a way for girls to be able to reassure themselves that their drinks are safe if they haven’t been able to keep watch the whole time. The only thing I hope doesn’t end up happening is an excuse to put the blame at the woman’s feet if she hasn’t been wearing the nail polish (i.e. Well she should have been wearing the nail polish then it wouldn’t have happened). xx

  4. Kate
    2014/08/28 / 18:12

    I understand the argument that the focus should be on the perpetrator and not on the victim, but if it gives girls peace of mind in certain social situations then I’m all for it. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. 2014/08/28 / 19:17

    As someone who is in college and is in semi-frequent situations where the potential for drink spiking can occur, I’m definitely interested in something like this. I know me and so many of my friends/sisters would definitely consider giving this nail polish ago, just for the peace of mind!

  6. 2014/08/28 / 19:35

    As much as I think we should focus on stopping people from spiking drinks and committing rape/sexual assault in the first place, something like this would make me feel safer when I go out, I’d buy it! xx


  7. Ellen Bourne
    2014/08/29 / 09:35

    This is absolutely a fantastic product. Of course we need to educate people not to rape others but this is a fantastic interim product!

  8. Nat
    2014/08/29 / 10:29

    I read about this the other day, it sounds really interesting and I’m hoping it does work. There used to be a lip gloss out that you could use to find date rape drugs in your drinks.


  9. 2014/08/30 / 02:44

    I think this is a great idea, as sad as it is that we need something like this! :(

  10. 2014/08/31 / 20:58

    My mum told me about this, she completely agrees with the marketing idea. I dont think i’d like to stick my finger in a drink but i guess bacteria are a lot better to deal with than being raped (capt obvious in da house)

  11. Olivia Roach
    2014/09/03 / 07:29

    Oh wow I have never heard of this invention before but anything in the notion of helping this detection must be a way forwards in the slightest, and therefore a good idea. Thank you for informing me about this. Spiked drinks is definitely something to worry about, and I am glad to hear all your friends were okay.

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  12. Marlene
    2014/09/08 / 22:54

    Having done some more reading about it, unfortunately it would appear that actually it wouldn’t be especially effective due to the sheer variety of available drugs (many of which have been designed to escape detection) and also that it contains ingredients which can trigger a false positive with certain chemical combinations.
    I think it was a nice idea and the guys behind it were at least trying to help people and make a difference – assuming of course that the victim of drink spiking wears nail varnish, so it probably wouldn’t really be a help to a lot of guys.

  13. livelovetravelx
    2014/09/09 / 14:01

    Its a good idea, but there is a wide range of daye rape drugs around. If they created one that’s universal and won’t detect random substances from the drink itself then it’ll be good. It’ll just make people crazy paranoid too. Dont leave your drinks lying around, not even with a friend….you have no idea if the friend was constantly keeping an eye on it. And don’t let people buy drinks for you unless you’re with them and grab the drink yourself.

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