Voodoo Vixen Review – OOTD

Voodoo vixen outfitVoodoo Vixen make upvoodoo vixen maryvoodoo vixen roseVoodoo Vixen OOTDVoodoo Vixen CardiganVoodoo Vixen Rockabilly MakeupVoodoo Vixen ReviewVoodoo Vixen Rose Dress Time to get retro! Voodoo vixen are our new favourite brand, their rockabilly, vintage style dresses are great for curvy women to show off their figure as well as skinny girls trying to enhance and give the image of a more curvaceous figure.

When the clothes arrived our surprise was at the quality of the items. So much of clothing today is made using cheap material and skimping on underskirts. The dresses are made with thick good quality patterned fabric so they hang really well. The cardigans are also much better quality than ones in the shops at the moment, with soft, thick cotton and beautiful embroidered details.

Have you tried Voodoo Vixen yet?



  1. Mariah
    2014/02/01 / 19:48

    I’m glad you see the importance of good quality clothes. I love the clothes on this website, but I don’t think they’re my style. I love these clothes on you, especially with the vintage style makeup!

    • 2014/02/08 / 00:49

      Thank you so much, the clothes are really good quality. I know what you mean, they have cardigans that are great for everyday etc and me be worth checking out if the dresses aren’t your style xx

  2. Ella
    2014/02/02 / 07:15

    Such pretty photos, where is this? x

  3. Alex
    2014/02/02 / 13:29

    I really like the black dress with the red details, the material looks gorgeous! Also, omg those boots! Where are they from? You both look really pretty :)


      • Alex
        2014/02/08 / 12:11

        Thank you for replying! I like both pairs of shoes, but I am definitely in love with Rose’s ones xx

        • 2014/02/09 / 18:52

          technically ‘borrowed’ from our younger sister :p both love them! x

  4. Stella
    2014/02/02 / 20:56

    These photos are so gorgeous, you guys look great!

  5. Lily Blackmoon
    2014/02/07 / 18:48

    Wow, these photos are just “WOW”. Like the outfits, really unique!

    lots of love, Lily

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:23

      Thank you! We loved the outfits and the shoot and glad you did too :) xxx

  6. Caro Alvarez
    2014/02/13 / 21:35

    You ladies look FAB! :D

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