Want To Be Innovative With Graduation Gifts? Some Ideas That You May Like

If a special someone in your life or family gets graduated, you want to get out of that usual box of graduation gifts. Their achievement as a graduate is a great deed and hard to put a price on. Instead of some basic graduation gifts, choose a gift that would thrill the giftee. Honour the milestone in their lives and their entrance into the “real world” of competition and money. 

Want To Be Innovative With Graduation Gifts? Some Ideas That You May Like 3

Coming up with unique graduation gift ideas can be a little tricky. But before you start fretting, here’s a list of fun and creative gift ideas for the new graduate.

  1. Chocolate-dipped fruits bouquet

Gift cards and flower bouquets are pretty but cliché. So if your giftee likes both fruits and chocolates, you can get innovative and give her some fruit bouquets and baskets. The giftee won’t only be surprised when he takes a bite from the chocolate-dipped edible fruit bouquet but also be overwhelmed with the delicious contents of the baskets. Although COVID-19 has prevented many graduates from having a proper ceremony, the pandemic can’t stop gift deliveries. So order away!

  1. Pop the cork!

Graduation is a meaningful milestone in a person’s life. Once they’ve graduated, it can open up multiple career options or prepare them for postgraduate study. You can choose to gift the graduate a bottle of wine or champagne so that he can shake the bottle, pop the cork and celebrate the new innings of his life. He will remember you for making his graduation day special and adult-like. You can also choose to accompany the bottle of wine with some quality chocolate delights. That’ll make the gift unique and memorable.

  1. Decorative wall art

A graduate might want to enhance his chances of getting a white-collar job through voluntary work or other opportunities. The workplace might be far away from his home or require him to furnish his home suitable for work. To make his room more user friendly, you can give him some decorative wall art. You can choose to give him custom-made posters or graduation dolls to commemorate his graduation. 

  1. Graduation photo album

A graduation photo album can make it to the giftee’s one of the prized possessions. This thoughtful present can take him down memory lane even when he’s 50! This unique present requires some effort on the part of the giver. He has to collect and collate all the photographs from the graduation day to make for an impressive album. This highlights their graduation as an accomplishment to feel good about and share with their friends. It can be sentimental when going through the pictures as it can remind the giftee of all the hardships and friendly memories.

  1. Snack basket

Some people need frequent snacking to continue working. Stop the new graduate’s stomach from growling while studying by giving him a nutritious snack basket. It can consist of some nutrition bars with fruits and natural sweetening, hummus and whole-grain crackers, sliced veggies and fruits. Keep the calories to a minimum.

  1. Fitness band

On a three month break before the graduate joins the office? If you’re a well-wisher of the new graduate who enjoys his free time eating and sleeping, gift him a fitness band so that he can keep a check on his calories. It can also function as a reminder of how idle his postgraduate life has been. Frequent reminders can prompt him to go for a jog or start working out.


The above points can help you come up with some original gift ideas and bring a smile to the new graduate’s face!


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