Wedding weight loss #3 – Slimming world journey, wedding diaries

I cannot diet on my own. I have come to this realisation after many failed attempts to diet in the past and as you will see from my most recent venture for wedding weight loss even documenting it on my blog is not enough motivation for me.

Having two great weeks healthy eating in August and sharing with you I then went on holiday, lost my steam and momentum and slipped completely back into my old ways.

After seeing a friend loose an amazing amount and maintain a great lifestyle at her set weight and another loose half a stone at weight watchers and seem so much happier I became a little green eyed. My Mum could see how much my weight has been upsetting me, some women are big and beautiful with it but not me, it just makes me unhappy. I want to be healthy and love my wedding photos.

My Mum, rather reluctantly, volunteered to join me at slimming world as it might be the boost, help and guidance I needed. We signed up last Tuesday at our local and began our Slimming World journey for wedding weight loss. Our meeting was a little rushed and we left a little baffled and bewildered wishing we had brought cash for some of the books. We began planning meals, finding what would work and making meals in advance.

If you have never been to Slimming World there are lists of free food, basically bottomless food you can eat as much of without weighing in a day. You have a list of healthy a and b extras that you have to have one of each per day too. After that you have syns, the items you have to weigh and moderate and are allowed between 5 and 15.

wedding weight loss
In our first week we mostly avoided syns, meaning there was almost no measuring or counting, other than our cheese or milk allowance. I have had big filling meals with no real snacks other than fruit or yoghurt. I have never been hungry but have really cut down on my snacking, puddings, breads, milk and cheese. During this week I also began trialling XLS medical max strength, unlike their fat binding tablets the max strength reduce calorie-intake from carbohydrates, fat and sugar to aid weightloss up to 3x faster, and they also offer a support programme.  After a week of feeling like we hadn’t really been dieting, just eating pretty well we weren’t expecting any weight loss. But last night I have lost 3lb and Mum 6.5lb!

Our slimming group isn’t the most motivational, only 4/6 other people stay from the meetings and everyone else just queues to be weighed and leaves. I’m not sure what other slimming world groups are like but I think I expected a little more demonstrations but it is a quick analysis going round of that weeks individual weigh-in and then a raffle for a fruit box.

The weekly weigh in, by someone else keeping record, for me was the motivation this week. Having a structured plan kept me on track and preparing the same meals as my Mum was much easier. Her support has been amazing. We tried loads of new recipes this week but bought a dessert and vegetarian book so have a few more planned!

We don’t expect the same sort of weight loss next week but if I lost 1lb per week I would be happy!

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #2

Weeks Weight Loss

– 3lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 3lb

Weeks Measurement Changes –

Bust: -2cm
Waist: -3cm
Hips: 0
Thighs: -0.5cm

Measurement Changes to Date –

Bust: -2cm
Waist: -3cm
Hips: 0
Thighs: -0.5cm

wedding weight loss



  1. 2015/10/07 / 11:04

    Well done on the loss! I’ve been wanting to join slimming world for ages but don’t want to go on my own, I might rope my mum into joining with me too haha. I hope you achieve your goal!!

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

  2. 2015/10/07 / 13:59

    Congrats! This journey is a pretty hard thing to maintain so keep up the good work! I’m just trying to start my journey so have been finding some inspirations online for workouts and diets. Oh and your mum is amazing!


  3. GoFashiondeals
    2015/10/08 / 20:58

    Congratulations!!! The food looks delicious!!

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