Wedding weight loss #4 – Slimming world journey & wedding diaries

Another week of weight loss and another weigh in at Slimming World. This week didn’t really feel like a diet and I also had some bad days so I didn’t expect my weightloss to be great. 

This week was hard to stick to the wedding weight loss plan for 2 reasons. Firstly Jon and I met with our wedding cake lady and, of course, had to eat some cake. I knew this was coming up so had a syn free few days and ate smaller amounts than I would have a few weeks ago.

The second reason was that it was my sister Rose’s birthday midweek and she had requested chinese takeaway and cinema. I did a bit of looking for what was ok from a Chinese on a Slimming World diet but it was very hard to find. Someone mentioned king prawn chow mein on a forum and, following their advice, I asked for it to be cooked in soy sauce not oil. My Mum who is also helping me stick to the wedding weight loss plan found egg fu yung on a Weight Watchers low list (it was so hard to find vegetarian, non chicken chinese takeaway items for slimming world) and went with that with some home made wedges instead of chips. We were so full we didn’t need anything to eat in the cinema, although it was hard being sat among those eating minstrels and popcorn!

wedding weight lossThis weeks wedding weight loss for me has mostly been homemade soups, frittatas, salads, overnight oats, cottage pie and slimming world dips. I haven’t felt hungry once and have had some filling meals planned, reducing pasta based meals. I tried a slimming world chocolate moose, it turned out more like a chocolate yoghurt and didn’t look anything like the picture they shared but it tasted alright, was very easy and only 1/2 a syn.

Being so full all week, and having two bad days, I really didn’t expect to loose any weight but at weigh in I had lost 2.5lb. I was so excited, 5.5lb is a big weight loss for me in 2 weeks! I am still on XLS medical max strength although it is hard to tell how much it is helping at this stage, especially when my Mum is not taking them and lost 4lb this week.

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #2

Weeks Weight Loss

– 2.5lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 5.5lb

Weeks Measurement Changes –

Bust: -0.5cm
Waist: 0cm
Hips: -2
Thighs: 0cm

Measurement Changes to Date –

Bust: -2.5cm
Waist: -3cm
Hips: -2
Thighs: -0.5cm



  1. Bee
    2015/10/16 / 12:01

    I shifted some weight before my wedding too and found that eggs were literally my best friend. They’re the only thing I can eat for breakfast that don’t leave me rooting around for a snack an hour later!

    The Beauty Locker

  2. GoFashiondeals
    2015/10/18 / 04:20

    Looks like some yummy food!

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