Wild At Heart: Honeymoons To Take Your Breath Away

We don’t all want to spend our honeymoons relaxing on a beach. Sure, some couples will be happy to unwind for a couple of weeks, but for those pairs who are wild at heart, they will be looking for a post-wedding trip that is full of adventure. They’d rather pack their time away with plenty of activities and laughter so that they have as many memories as possible to treasure and look back on fondly.

So, are you ready for a honeymoon destination with a wild side? Here are some that will truly take your breath away!

Wild At Heart: Honeymoons To Take Your Breath Away 3


A Tanzania honeymoon is all about the safari. You will find that there are lots of wildlife reserves across the region that offer their own safaris, so there will be plenty of chances for you to try and catch glimpses of elephants, lions, and rhinos in the wild. Most of the safari-based honeymoons will include your accommodation, safari trips, and meals in the final price you pay. Don’t want to miss out on time on the beach? Don’t worry; you won’t as the region is also renowned for its pretty beaches. So, this destination is perfect for those who want to split their time between wild safaris and scenic beaches.

Costa Rica

After the wedding, you might like the idea of jetting off to Costa Rica and taking part in lots of activities that will certainly get the adrenalin pumping. You’ll be able to go white water rafting through one of the country’s beautiful national parks for instance, and there are also lots of hiking routes that will take you up the side of dormant volcanoes. If you want to see some crocs in the wild, take one of the very popular crocodile watching boat trips!

New Zealand

There are more white-knuckle adventure waiting for you in beautiful New Zealand. As well as plenty of white water rafting, you will find some of the most thrilling bungee jumps in the world here. What better way of celebrating your nuptials and honeymoon than by jumping off a bridge over a pretty blue lake? There are also plenty of great hiking routes across the country, so no matter where you stay, you’ll be able to spend a day or two walking around the local area.


If your idea of adventure involves getting out into the snow and hitting the slopes, then you might want to book a honeymoon in Switzerland. There are a lot of ski resorts peppered across the country, each featuring exciting slopes and breathtaking views from the mountains. It’s also a great country if you are into mountaineering. You might want to tackle the Eiger together as your first challenge as a married couple! Just remember to pack for winter – it’s going to be chilly up those mountains!

So, where do you think you will head to on your honeymoon? If you choose one of the destinations in this list, you will be sure to have lots of great adventures!


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