4 Wedding Details People Always Forget

Planning a wedding is a monumental task and there are about a million different things to remember. From the broad strokes all the way down to the tiny details, there are so many important things you need to get right if you’re going to have the wedding that you always dreamed of. When you’re trying to remember all of those tiny details, you’re going to forget stuff. These are the most common wedding details that people forget. 4 Wedding Details People Always Forget 3 The Groom’s Suit One of the first things you start thinking about when you’re planning a wedding is the dress. So many decisions to make about style, size and practicality. But when it comes to the groom’s suit, it’s often an afterthought. When you start planning, don’t forget about the groom until the end, you need to put as much effort into what they’re wearing as you do the wedding dress. If you don’t, they might end up grabbing whatever cheap suit they can get at the last minute when they should be wearing something like Marc Darcy Suits that they’ll actually look good in. This is indicative of the problem that a lot of people have with wedding planner in that they forget about the groom and it’s all about the bride but you need to remember that it’s a day for both of you. Insurance Hopefully, you’ve got a nice big diamond on your engagement ring and a beautiful wedding band. A lot of people don’t realize that they aren’t usually covered under your normal house insurance policy so if you lose it, there’s nothing you can do. Soon after you get engaged, you should take out an extra insurance policy on the rings so if the worst does happen and one of you loses it, you don’t have to shell out to replace. Getting People Home This is particularly important if you’re having a wedding somewhere in the countryside. You’ve got a lot of people that need to get home somehow and most of them will have had a drink so they won’t be able to drive. If they’re all trying to call taxis, that’s going to be a nightmare unless you’ve pre-booked some. It’s even harder if nobody can get a signal on their phone. You need to consider your guests and make arrangements for people to get back to wherever they’re staying, otherwise, you’ll end up with a load of people stranded at the venue. Photography Rights Just because you’ve paid a photographer to take the photos, that doesn’t mean you necessarily own the rights to them. A lot of photographers will give you the rights in the contract automatically but some won’t. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get the photos but it does mean that they’ll be able to use them on their website and social media for advertising purposes etc. If you’re particularly worried about your photos being shared publicly, you should check with them beforehand. Make sure you don’t forget about these details when you’re planning your own wedding.


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