Body Contouring – It Works Body Wraps Ultimate Body Applicator Review

Body contouring

Over the last few weeks I have trialled the 4 part body contouring set, It Works Body Wraps Ultimate Body Applicator. The pack is pricey but claims to tighten, tone and firm using a body contouring cream infused cloth. It works body wraps use natural ingredients and claim the set also minimizes cellulite appearance.

For best results I followed the instructions and used the body contouring every 72 hours and used the full set of 4. As usual I also drank plenty of water as that is advised. There are many options for where you can use the contouring wraps but I chose my stomach for the entire trial. You unfold the applicator and lotion side down apply it to your body and secure for a minimum of 45 minutes. Initially I tried the body contouring wraps for 45 minutes as the treatment begins cool and then self heats. It tingles a bit and the first time of use made my skin quite pink although not sore.

I measured my results through the trial and after the first attempt saw no results both visually or measured. After the second and third treatment I still had no results so began looking online and found an overwhelming amount of poor reviews. Reviewers saw little or no results like myself, found the smell unpleasant or said any results were temporary.

I finished the treatment but found no toning or tightening of the skin, it was possibly slightly softer but there were no other results.There is a lot of money to be made in the weight loss industry and for me this product felt like an overpriced gimmick aimed at peoples low confidence and drive to make visible weight loss.

Have you tried the It Works Body Wraps Ultimate Body Applicator? Did you have any effective results?

Body contouring

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