11 Essential Car Maintenance Checklist to Avoid Breakdown

For most people, a car is a necessity because it means that they can decide where they want to go and when. Cars require regular checkups, and it is good to have a car maintenance checklist

A checklist is an easy way to avoid your car from breaking down, it will ensure that your vehicle is always in top condition, and it comes with lots of other side benefits like helping you save time in the long run. 

So, are you thinking of what the checklist ought to comprise of? Well, look no further because we have it figured out for you.

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  • Check Your Car Battery


Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, and then your car just wouldn’t start. Well, this can be avoided, by running a regular check on your battery. 

Check that the cables are well connected and tightened to the terminal. Also, you can use a battery cleaning brush to apply dielectric grease to the terminal to prevent corrosion. 

If your battery has served you for over four years already, you should start preparing to buy a new one, before it lets you down.


  • Check The Oil Level


When the oil in your car is considerably low, it can lead to a car breakdown and compound to even damaging your engine. 

Look through your car owners’ handbook for suggestions on the right type of oil for your car and top it up after using your car’s dipstick to check the oil level.


  • Check The Lights


Nothing is as bad as journeying into the night, only to find out that your headlight and fog lights are not coming on. 

Before hitting the road, take a close walk around the car to check that all the lights are fully functional. It can save you a whole lot of heartache and stress that are associated with breakdown of your vehicle.

Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures


  • Check Your Car Fuel


No matter how eager you are to arrive at your destination on time, if you ignore this check, you might end up on the side of the road in search of the nearest gas station. 

Always check that you have enough in the fuel tank for your journey.


  • Check Your Car Brake


Proper maintenance of your car brakes cannot be overemphasized, and that is another reason why it has to be on your car maintenance checklist. 

You’ll have to check your Owners handbook to determine how frequently you’ll need to top up the brake fluid. 


  • Inspect Tire Pressure Regularly


Checking your car tires is a good practice. The tires are an essential component of the car, and when ignored, it can result in a breakdown. 

You ought to check the tires of your vehicle for signs of wear and tear. Examine the pressure of your tires to ensure it is properly inflated, according to the standard rate for your car. Cultivating this habit will help your tires last longer


  • Check Your Windshield and Wiper Blades


Examine the windshield of your car to know if it requires cleaning. Also, you’ll need to check the wipers to see if they need to be replaced. 

If the wipers look all frozen, like in winter, you can use warm water to free them up before adding a thin piece of plastic between the windshield and the wiper blades.


  • Check Your Car Coolant


That is particularly essential when you are about to embark on a very long journey. 

You don’t want to turn off the car halfway because of an overheat. Check the coolant, as it is located somewhere around the engine. Then top it up where needed.


  • Check Your Screen Wash Tank


Lift the bonnet of your car and check if you need to add to your screen wash. Depending on your choice, you can easily pick up a premix or screen wash additive from the petrol station. 

That will help to ensure your windscreen is clean enough, for as long as possible, and it is a must-have on your car maintenance checklist.


  • Check Your Engine Air Filter


Mechanics recommend that you replace your car air filter yearly, as doing this would improve your fuel efficiency and engine power. 

The filter can be found in a black box under the bonnet, check if it is clogged up and needs replacing.


  • Check Your Car Interior


All the while, we have focused on the exterior part of the car. That is not to suggest that your car interior can’t constitute a breakdown. 

Clean your dashboard, as well as the boot, and remove any empty nylons and containers that are not in use. 

A clean car can contribute immensely to the safety of your driving. Also, you don’t want an empty container rolling under the brakes of your vehicle.There you have it, having all these on your car maintenance checklist will save you time and help you stay organized. Also, it’ll drastically reduce the chances of a car breakdown. You should try them out, and don’t forget to tick them off as you act on them.

Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures


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