Anna Sui Palettes – Eye Colour and Lip Colour Palette

Anna SuiAnna SuiI was recently sent these two gorgeous palettes from Escentual as they are currently half price on their site. I loved Anna Sui perfume when I was a younger, I think purely based on the slightly quirky packaging (my perfume was shaped like a handbag) that comes with Anna Sui. As soon as I saw these palettes I thought they were amazing, over the top, dazzling vintage designs won’t be to everyone’s taste but are right up my street.

Anna Sui

The decorative colours on the outside of the packaging match the shade choices inside. The eyeshadow has a range of earthy tones, purples, browns, bronzes, greens and black that come together so beautifully and are very complimentary. Most of the powders are fairly matte whilst other have metallic shimmer or glitter to them. The products aren’t heavily pigmented and work well together blended for your eye make up.

Anna Sui

Again the Lip Colour palette hints at the shades inside. This palette has a range of tones, mostly reds and berry pinks as well as some brown and orange tones. The lip colour is very light, isn’t heavy on the lips in any way and because there is a subtle range of tones you can mix and build up your perfect lip coverage.

Anna Sui

Some aspects of the products that I didn’t like is that the box is made of cardboard. From the initial look I thought that they were in tin and would have hoped for that at the original price. The cardboard is strong and sturdy but doesn’t give a luxury feel to the item. I also really miss the usual mirror that would be in the lid a compact this size. I love my French Connection and Naked Palette for this, if I am lugging a big palette at least I don’t need to think about packing a mirror too. I found the brushes included shed quite a lot so used alternatives.

Anna Sui

These palettes are limited edition and half price so if you want one I’d check them out whilst they are still available.

Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette*

Anna Sui Lip Colour Palette*

What is your favourite item from the Anna Sui range?



  1. septhyne
    2014/08/17 / 11:54

    Finally someone who talks about Anna Sui products! The lip palettes are gorgeous! although I agree they should at least come with a mirror

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  2. Mary
    2014/08/17 / 14:36

    That eyeshadow palette looks right up my street but so strange they don’t come with a mirror!

  3. Lara
    2014/08/17 / 16:25

    The shades in the eyeshadow palette look gorgeous xx

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