Cefalù: a magical place in northern coast of Sicily


Known for its picturesque setting and its beachy vibe, Cefalù is definitely a location to keep in mind when choosing your next holiday destination. Located in Sicily, Italy the town is a unique fishing village full of beautiful corners and views. Right on the Tyrrhenian sea coast, Cefalù has a special history to boast about. Originally known as a greek colony, over the course of different years Cefalù was also inhabited by Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, Normans, and today’s Italians. Thanks to its infinite history, beautiful beaches, and many activities, Cefalù should be at the top of everybody’s bucket list.

Among the many ruins, Cefalù is also full of amazing accommodations for every type of stay. Close to the beach, you can also find places to stay that offer either a sea view, a direct connection to the beach, and sometimes both. If you are more for the local life, there are also options that allow you to live among the residents as well: for example, online you may find villas to rent in Cefalù that will guarantee a true authentic Italian experience. Whether you are travelling in a big group of family or friends, or even just a couple, villas can be a great solution if you like to be independent.


Speaking of beaches, if you’re looking for a location that has crystal clear water to swim in, Cefalù is the perfect place. Although some beaches in Sicily are known for their rocky coasts, in Cefalù you will be welcomed by a long sandy stretch of beaches, known as the “lungomare”. Not far from the town center, there are both private and public beaches you can choose from. The private beaches are called “lido” and offer their beach goers different services, like beach beds and umbrellas. On the other hand, the public beaches are free to go to starting in April all the way until October; yes, October is still beach weather in Cefalù. A few recommended beaches to get your adventure started are the: Caldura, Capo Playa, and the Salinelle. All 3 locations are public beaches near Cefalù that will allow you to live the full Sicilian beach lifestyle. Don’t forget your goggles!

As you finish your time at the beach, choosing where you should start your Cefalù sightseeing tour is also a great way to enjoy your time in Cefalù in the best possible way. Full of different sights (thanks to the variety of past inhabitants) Cefalù is brimming with history. The main attraction is definitely the Duomo. Commissioned back in 1131 by the Norman King Roger II, the Duomo was meant to double as a castle and fortress for Cefalù. In fact, it is visible from all over the town, and is beautiful to visit as the sun sets. Apart from the Duomo, the Museo Mandralisca is also worth your time thanks to its many different artifacts and most importantly, Antonello da Messina’s famous painting “Ritratto di un Uomo Ignoto”.

Once you’re through visiting the beaches, sightseeing, and walking around the town, grabbing a bite to eat is the perfect ending to your day. And let’s not forget that Cefalù is in Italy, so the culinary scene is bound to be delicious. What’s more is that you’re in Sicily, and more specifically a fishing town, so the seafood options are highly recommended!


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