Elegant Touch Matte and Polished False Nails

False nails are one of my go to quick beauty fixes and although I do wear a lot of Primark false nails my favourite, more high end, false nail brand is Elegant Touch. Here are some of my latest false nails from Elegant Touch.

Elegant Touch

Elegant Touch always have really cool designs and ideas and their false nails aren’t too long so they stay on a long time and don’t get in the way. I love their new matte finish nails, the Matte Collection Grey Daze I have on today are so beautiful and classy! I wish that the matte finish had lasted a little longer as it did wear through to a shiny finish on the tips pretty quickly. I am also a big fan of their matte ombre designs like their Merlot I picked up.

Although I love their different false nails I am not a big fan of their adhesive pads. For me they do not work, they are slightly quicker but other than that there are no perks. They cause the nails to move slightly and cause a bigger gap between your nail and the false nail that feels spongy. Instead I use the Elegant Touch Brush on Nail Glue which I use with all my false nails. It makes my Primark false nails last such a long time too! It is around £3 and is like brushing on a nail polish so the glue is thin and really attaches the false nail. As it is like a nail polish it also lasts far longer than the false nail glue tubes and is far less messy!

Elegant Touch

Elegant Touch Nails shown in today’s post:

Elegant Touch False Nails – Ombre/Merlot
Elegant Touch Polished Nails – Red 318
Elegant Touch Polished Monochrome Madness Jet Black 301
Elegant Touch Polished Nails Slate Grey 327
Elegant Touch Pre Polished Jewel Collection, Bottle Green Number 330
Elegant Touch Pre Polished Matte Collection, Grey Daze Number 332

Do you have any other tips when it comes to false nails?
Are you a fan of Elegant Touch?



  1. 2015/04/20 / 19:23

    These look so nice. The grey you have on looks really nice.

    Huma || Huma [Me]

  2. Neelam
    2015/04/21 / 07:49

    I really like the designs of these! I’ve been on the hunt for a good nail glue for a while now so I’ll have to give the elegant touch one a try! Great post :)

    Neelam // neelamjayna.blogspot.co.uk

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