Pearl Hair Remover Review

When I was initially sent the Pearl Hair Remover for review I was really excited to try out a new method of hair removal and see if not only it lived up to its price tag but also worked as well as it claims.

Pearl Hair Remover Review

Pearl Hair Remover Review

The Pearl Hair Remover works by using a ‘revolutionary thermo transmitter’ that claims to not only remove your hairs but to also slow down re-growth. The perks of this method are less mess, pain or salon costs as it uses heat to weaken your hair follicles. The  Pearl Hair Remover has two attachments, one for sensitive areas as well as buffing pads for a smooth finish. The Pearl Hair Remover claims to be completely painless and suitable for all hair types and skin colours.

I have been trying the Pearl Hair Remover for quite a while now and in all honesty I have been putting off reviewing it in the hope I might get better results. As you can see from the images there is a thin wire between the scorched plastic teeth. The Pearl Hair Remover must be held at 90° to your body to work. I have used this product on my legs for hours and it might have removed half the hairs, leaving stubbly, burnt, black, stumps of hairs left. The smell of burn’t hair given off is horrific. I have tried the Pearl Hair Remover quite a few times now over a number of weeks and my results haven’t improved. I haven’t seen any slow down in regrowth from my hair and always had to go over to finish off with a razor after as it left my legs looking a mess.

I have seen a lot of incredibly positive reviews from customers and a lot of other bloggers but there are also so many negative reviews out their from customers. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, either you love the Pearl Hair Remover or it really doesn’t work for you and obviously for me it was the second.

Pearl Hair Remover Review

Have you tried the Pearl Hair Remover? What were your results?
Sorry for a less positive Pearl Hair Remover Review

The Pearl Hair Remover  is currently available from JML, Argos, Debenhams and Amazon.

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  1. Mel Wills
    2015/04/22 / 16:19

    Oh dear it doesn’t look good judging by your review and to be honest it looked like something far too technical when you can use a good old razor anyway.

    Mel ♥ everyword

  2. Jan Jones
    2023/09/24 / 04:52

    This is the best painless hair remover I have ever had. My one has eventually worn out and I am trying to buy a new one but can not find out where to buy one from. Can you help me. Regards Jan

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