Eloping: What It Is and How to Do It

Eloping: What It Is and How to Do It 3

Planning a wedding can be like a second job.  So if you’re not someone who likes all the activity related to it, then it is understandable if you want to skip it or at least simplify it to a degree. Choosing a dress, booking a venue and organizing a guest list is all very stressful, so don’t feel bad in case you want to do something more private. 

Eloping is a great way to say “I do” without all the buzz related to getting married. We often associate eloping with a couple running away and getting married despite their families’ objections. In reality, things are often less dramatic, because eloping can be an intimate and loving act. Therefore, if you are looking to get married like this, here are some tips that can help you make that happen.

Don’t be way too impulsive

If you don’t love wedding preparations, you might be tempted to just get married and be done with it. However, it is not recommended being too impulsive when it comes to such a big life decision. There are some pros and cons when it comes to such a type of wedding, so make sure to sit down with your partner and talk things through. 

Be open and honest about your decision

Getting married without having a reception might seem like a relief, but keep in mind that your family and friends deserve to know if you ever decide to do such a thing. Some of them might feel offended if you decide to skip a ceremony altogether, but you should remember that you don’t owe an explanation to anybody. However, being honest and kind about your decision can remove any doubt because it is always better to be upfront and considerate in order to avoid potential disagreements and misunderstandings.

Find a style that suits you both

Just because you made a decision to have a private wedding ceremony, doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention to all the details. You are still allowed to make sure that your attire is the one you want. Also, when it comes to witnesses, make sure to ask people who truly mean to you, because there is something special sharing such a precious moment with those who matter to you the most. Your wedding rings are also important, so feel free to check out various gorgeous options and learn about moonmagic.com Since eloping is such an intimate and personal act, you and your partner should be on the same page about every little detail.

Figure out your budget

Figuring out your budget is important even if you don’t plan to have a lavish reception. Buying the attire, sorting out the paperwork and photography cost money, so be sure to determine your potential expenses before you plan any further. This is even more essential if you plan a destination wedding, as travelling to another, especially foreign location requires more thoughtfulness and consideration.

Consider having a party after the wedding

Sometimes, eloping can be practical, but if you feel like you owe people something, you can always throw them a little surprise party after your low-key nuptials. This can be an excellent way to show them that you care without dealing with too many expenses. If you are not into parties, organizing a pleasant and intimate lunch or dinner in your fave restaurant is surely a great idea as well, because it is the consideration that matters the most.


Before you decide to elope, it is crucial to think things through. Benign impulsive might seem like an easy way out, but getting married is a serious business that requires you to plan things in advance. Therefore, be honest with your loved ones, and do your research, before you finally decide to say “I do” to the one you love.


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